Our Mission


Transforming learning + Opening minds

OpnUp's mission is to open hearts and minds to eLearning and digital education. In this quest, OpnUp provides consulting services to organisations who are ready to extend the student experience and embrace digital and online technologies. Read more about how we approach digital education. 

OpnUp has developed processes and tools to enable change in organisations embarking on the path of improving or introducing eLearning. Learn more about how we work with institutions to facilitate change management.

OpnUp collaborates closely with open educational resource (OER) communities and innovative educational resource providers. As educators ourselves, we identified the need for supporting the development of custom online platforms as well as leveraging an institution's own virtual learning environment. In the interest of attracting and retaining students and activating learning analytics for continuous improvement, we help instructors and academics teach and learn in an online environment. Find out how OpnUp develops online teaching approaches that work.  

OpnUp can connect educators with relevant and successful online resources and tools for delivery to students or to support professional development. See how we leverage the online tools that are best for each institution to prime students and teachers alike for success.


OpnUp's mission is to keep learning. By acknowledging the unique needs of individual projects, we rely on a wide range of digital specialists to complement the OpnUp team, including pedagogic designers, videographers and editors.


Contact us to discuss ways we can collaborate and help you manage and implement change towards eLearning.